Banner Contest – New Website

As you might have noticed, our site redesign is almost finished! But there’s still some work to be done and we’d like your help. So, we’re having a banner contest!

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The World God Only Knows – Kanon 100% – Blu-Ray

Kanon_BDKanon! Kanon! Kanon! Kanon! Kanon! Kanon! Kanon! Kanon! Kanon! Kanon!

Torrent 720p | Torrent 1080p

This episode got many changes, it was re-tlcd, re-edited, re-QCed, the signs were completely redone and the karaokes were redone and/or improved. Creditless OP & ED are split into the episode (thanks d1st).

Edit: Expect a bit of delays for Absolute Duo, sowwy. >.<

No Game No Life – BD Vol.02

clip+(2015-01-21+at+01.32.47)You must call her “Director.”

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Torrent 1080p | DDL

Shinmai Maou no Testament – 03

test3 [BB7835F8].mkv_snapshot_14.55_[2015.01.25_14.33.35]Mio-chan is unsure about her feelings towards Basara and she finds out something unexpected. Will her feelings waver any longer? Stay with us to find out.
Late, but we deliver you some good pictures.

We’re looking for people to sacri— I mean, we’re looking for new recruits that might help us release faster and have fun with us.

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Absolute Duo – 03

Duo 03 - ReleasePicLate as usual, lol. Blame Julie for that, she’s distracting me, and also the pun later on in the episode.
But I made you a goodie, click on the image to get it.

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We are still recruiting translators, timers, editors, TSers and QCers!

Shinmai Maou no Testament – 02

test2 [E91646FD].mkv_snapshot_17.12_[2015.01.19_06.51.11]
Here is Basara’s childhood friend and a rival to Mio-chan!
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P.S.: Welcome to Providence our new capper.

Absolute Duo – 02

Duo 02 [Final]ReleasePic
It’s finally out! Usa-sensei so high-spirited, lol ^^

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By the way, we are still recruiting translators, timers, editors, TSers and QCers!

Past to Present

As you all noted by now, Chihiro moved, and at the same time took the opportunity to make a new website, more 2015 like.
But since we also are nostalgic, we made this post as a reminder of our past banners.

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