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1. Who are you?
We are Chihiro. Thanks for asking~

2. No, who are YOU?
Oh, like that. We’re a fansubbing group. That means we fansub anime.

3. I’ve heard bad things about Chihiro. Are you a speedsub group?
We used to be. Now we’re a “We’ll do whatever we like, taking our time to make it the best” group.

4. What is your IRC channel! I want to join!

5. I want to donate, and there seems to be donors! How do I do so?
Go to the donation drive and leave a message, or contact Lenmaer on IRC.

6. I want to join this group! How do I do so?
As of now, we’re only looking for J->E translators and TLCs. If you do not know what those jobs do, you’re best off not applying.

7. Where is my XviD?!
Download the H.264!

8. No, seriously, where is my XviD?
XviD is a terrible codec that will produce worse results at 170 MB than a H.264 at 100 MB at the same resolution. If you look at K-On, the TOTAL size of H.264 WS will equal the size of XviD. Except, H.264 will look better and be 720p, while XviD will be 400p. That shows you how bad XviD compression is.
We are gradually moving away from XviD encodes, but for shows that we do do XviD encodes, they will come when the encoder gets around to it.

9. But my PC is slow and can’t handle H.264!
Wrong. Your PC is slow and can’t handle 720p. SD H.264 will play fine on all computers made within the last decade (It played fine on my computer in 2003).

10. But I want to get it to play on a stand alone player!
Get this and do it yourself.

11. Did you know (such and such) said (such and such) about you?
Odds are, yes. And odds also are we don’t care. Please do not troll back.

12. Will you do (insert series name here)?
No. We will do whatever we choose to do.

13. But (insert group) is doing (insert series)! You don’t need to sub it!
What do you not get about “We’ll do whatever we want and if you don’t like it you can go fuck yourself”?

14. Will you do DVD versions / Blu-Rays?
Entirely dependent on the encoder of the series.

15. There’s a S2 of (Such and such a show) announced! Will you sub it?
If we liked the original and have somebody to TL it, yes.

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