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Look guys. We’re sick of people asking this question. So we posted a page on the site on why we did this. Read it here:

The next time I see someone asking this question, I will personally gouge out their eyeballs with a rusty spoon AND BAN THEM FROM THE SITE. RAWR!!!

(Actually the really funny thing is… we’ve had instructions about ordered chapters posted in the FAQ page for months, if not years. I guess nobody ever reads the FAQs, huh?)

Kristen Edit: Setsuna <3 Update: This is now posted in 3 different places on the site, those being the loud, all caps ranting page, the FAQs page, and the playback help page. Nobody should ever have any questions about why we cut out the OP/ED ever again. Mirage Edit: ^ That won't stop them. In response to a few comments: Who cares if DVDs do it, they're self-contained. We pretty much HAVE been answering this in every post even though I'm fairly sure it was stated in the original post. Why would you download episodes in different resolutions? >_>

In other news: Progress Report.
I’m back from the dead, not that anyone cared. Lilpri 7 is off me, 8/9 is delayed until I return from my trip this weekend.
I think updated versions of the K-on OP/EDs are delayed because the encoders computer is busted. They are still uncompromisable, even after official lyrics. Actually, I think they’re harder to understand now, imo.
Working is moving along fine, and I have no idea about anything else.

Except To-love ru 06.

I’m rather sick of people(person?) demanding that we do it so I think I’m going to take over the edit since no one else seems to care. Constantly yelling at us to do something is not going to make us do it any faster, so shut up. I’m delaying it a week for every new comment demanding that it be released. I’m also delaying it half a month for all the comments that have already been made demanding it. Lucky for those who so desperately want it, most of them have been marked as spam, so a quick search only throws up 2. I’ll get on that edit in a month.


  • Brian

    Stop complaining to Chihiro for every little thing the more people complain the slow the releases come out because they are to busy answering complains.

  • murialita

    This is internetland. Why the hell would anyone read FAQ’s that answer all their questions when they can bitch, moan, and repeatedly ask the same questions over and over again?

    Oh, and funny thing. A couple years back when Xvid avi’s were the norm *GASP* and every episode was exactly 175 MB *DOUBLE GASP!!* people were actually complaining because the OP/ED WAS included.

  • Kiri

    …uh noobs? ・・・決まってるかな。ww

  • Shadow

    I first encountered Ordered Chapters watching K-On!. I started watching it mid-season so I batched them up in MPC and made sure the OP and ED were in the same folder, per Kristen’s instructions in one of the posts.

    At first I didn’t even notice they were missing cause the first eps sometime skip OPs. I later on stumbled upon the option in Haali, “Try to Open Linked files”. I tried playing the files again and that was it!

    Hehheehe, that was long ago, but in remembering how I felt after stumbling upon it, I try to pass it on the those I see stumbling around as well. It is a very neat way to do distro the files, as it’s seamless, just as if it was a part of the main file.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Chihiro! Much appreciated! =)

  • hey_relax

    kristen, you don’t look kawaii when you rage…. keep that in mind

  • hey_relax

    OMG, this post was made by soichiro… it wasn’t kristen, i’m sorry


    <3 <3 kristen

  • gzboli

    This didn’t work immediately for me… If you’re having trouble try the following:
    * open “Combined Community Codec Pack//Filters/Haali Media Splitter Settings”
    – Make sure “Try to open linked files” is set to “Yes”
    * open “”Combined Community Codec Pack/Settings”, Press the “Next ->” button
    – Check “Reset All Settings”, press “Apply”
    * Put in the OP, ED, and episode in the same folder

  • Havoc10K

    Dear Chihiro Fansubs, l am personally giving you permission to kill whiners outright, l pay 20 loli’s for every successful registered and confirmed kill, enjoy your new hobbies :]

    -Sincerely, Havoc10K, ministry of loli departmant and social don’tcare.


  • Havoc10K

    btw thank you for another great pic ;]
    your blog pics are always cool, Setsuna is so Loli-ish :3
    gonna employ her as secretary in my Ministry of Loli-ism l think ;]

  • Takeyo

    “I suppose this does not works when the file was renamed using AniDB ?”

    @Baldurien: Surprisingly enough, ordered chapters work no matter what the files are named, as long as they’re all in the same directory. The .mkvs each contain a unique identifier used for linking.

  • Kinny Riddle

    Wow, what’s with those n00bs bashing you guys about the taking out of OPs and EDs when upon closer inspection, it all plays automatically anyway?

    I generally don’t have much problem with you guys taking out the OP and ED, though I wonder if Chihiro would consider re-releasing the K-ON!! OP and ED with the official released lyrics for their karaoke? (Provided you guys could even be arsed about such a mundane task, of course. XD )

    As a rabid seiyuu follower, I have a habit of wanting to see who voices the side characters in the credits of each episode’s ED, so it’s kind of a pity that the credits will be uniformly the same and I’ll have to Google them for information myself. But that’s just me, so pay no regard to this purist rambling. 🙂

  • Jiggaboo

    To-love ru 06!

  • anon

    Dunno what’s going on here, but I love you guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Screw those who hate ordered chaps.
    They can get their subs else where if they hate it that much
    By far, you guys are doing an awesome job.
    Chihiro support! =3

  • MrSub

    So when will you do to Love ru 06 ? get to work now, enough slacking.

  • Shadow

    Welcome back, Mirage! Have a safe trip.

    Also, and this is only a suggestion, would having a small “Uses Ordered Chapters” link under the title or near the torrent link, that points to the FAQ about it, help alleviate the question for new ppl coming to your site?

    As someone who frequents this site, I come to expect it with almost every release. Someone coming from another group who just found out about you, and who’s never encountered Ordered Chapters before, might be in the dark.

    (ignore this if you don’t think it’s necessary)

  • KRISTEN!! or someone ._. I need to speak to you but theres no contact page or email or anything D:D:D:D: me needs comunicate with you!

  • Editor

    Seriously?Why the fuck would you even care for the openings/endings after watching them once.
    Even one time is too much.

  • Matsuryu

    I’m going to be greedy and ask for more, More, MORE linked OP/ED for your future titles. This equates to MORE time for downloading and MORE HD space for storing anime! ^^

  • Phantasm

    Even if I’m going to get flamed for this, I can’t get it to work with Gendai Mahou, though it’s not about linking with OP/ED but during the time while those would be running there’s only a grey(if I’m lucky a green) picture. Any idea/flames ?

  • Riou

    This is the first time I’ve heard about ‘ordered chapters’ (yes, I’m a noob). Actually, I’ve only encountered this here in Chihiro. I didn’t noticed it first since I’ve downloaded the batch file of K-On!. Thought those OP/ED files are just extra, then realized that those are needed after deleting them (again, noob and trying to save space). So I downloaded them again and put in the same folder. I was also afraid of renaming them since the videos may not linked with the OP/ED, then again I don’t feel like renaming it. Anyway~ ordered chapters are a nice change (for me). It saves up space, gives me a choice to just watch the OP/ED, and quicker time to fansub it (since some fansubs messes the OP/ED after some episodes).

    So keep up the good work, Chihiro! (By the way, nice Setsuna pic ^^)

  • Sticking with ordered chapters is a waste of everyone’s time. Eliminating ordered chapters can be a win-win proposition for both the Chihiro team and its viewers.

    Without Ordered Chapters
    – Encode RAW from end to end
    – Reuse OP and ED descriptors from a previous episode with adjusted time stamps
    – Release

    With Ordered Chapters
    – Specify the time points by which OP and ED begin and end during encoding
    – Link OP and ED to the rest of the episode during editing (for each new episode)
    – Release
    – N00bs: Why the hell am I not seeing OP and ED? Blahblahblahblah, gahgahgahgah
    – Staff: Why the hell aren’t you reading the instructions? Blahblahblahblah, gahgahgahgah

  • CyberMirage

    It takes about 30 times longer to encode the OP/ED each episode then it does to locate the frame where it starts. It also takes longer to re-encode the OP/ED karaoke each time because that requires locating the start and stop points of both songs and THEN shifting karaoke to match. Likewise, linking the files takes very little time. So no, it saves us absolutely no time to eliminate ordered chapters.

    And once ordered chapters become more common, the noob-rage will go away. I’m sure something similar happened whenever a new encoding technique shows up.

  • Nice system, I like it.

    Must remember Ordered Chapters hehe

    Thanx Guys


  • Thank you for your reply, CyberMirage. I think it’s fair to say, however, that encoding is more of a computing intensive process rather than a labour intensive one.

  • @Havoc10K

    “Dear Chihiro Fansubs, l am personally giving you permission to kill whiners outright, l pay 20 loli’s for every successful registered and confirmed kill, enjoy your new hobbies :]

    -Sincerely, Havoc10K, ministry of loli departmant and social don’tcare.”

    Dude, that is funny xD

  • UnKn0Wn809

    i dont mind the “Ordered Chapters”, saves space and faster download too.. but i’m wondering how to convert these episodes to my psp so i can watch them on the move.. im about to start seaching how, but if any1 here can help me that would be great..

    thank you,

  • Facepalm

    Sigh…… Just skip the damn intro and watch the anime retards. Does it really make you sad if you can’t watch op/ed? You can just go to youtube and watch it forever.

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