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Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu “Haruka Golden Brown”-ray 01-02 Released!

Blazewardog's Waifu
Surprise! This is the secret project that we have been working for a little while. Kuzu actually started this project back when it was aired in 2008 at Cherry-NiceBoat, and it has since been transferred to Sekai-NiceBoat, Chihiro, and now finally Doki-Chihiro. So this marks a happy day for me and Kuzu. For me because I finally had a chance to work on my waifu’s show, and able to grace it with 10-bit video, as a test run for both Chihiro and Doki. And for Kuzu because he finally gets to use the scripts that he had created three years ago.

I would like to point out that we currently only have the first Blu-Ray disc of this series. So Kuzu and I will be selling “chocolates” later in order to fund money for both the second disc and T.P. Sakura volume 2.

Since this is also the first 10-bit video we are releasing, here is a list of software that can play it in order of usefulness.

  1. mplayer2 : Windows builds can be found here , A git repo for building it on linux is located here
  2. CCCP: Latest version came out 07-30-2011 and is located here
  3. MplayerX: I hear this has it for Mac users but i have no idea where, maybe your app store for your “desktop” has it
  4. VLC : No one should want to use this but a build that should support it is located here

720p 10 bit: Torrent | FS

720p 8 bit: Torrent | FS

480p 8 bit: Torrent | FS


There was an encoding problem with the Karaoked ED, below are some FS links to it.  This will also be included with the 03-04 torrent whenever it is release.  No patches due to the video being the problem.

10bit 720p EDv28bit 720p EDv28bit 480p EDv2

25 comments to Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu “Haruka Golden Brown”-ray 01-02 Released!

  • tehaa

    Apparently K-Lite 7.60 also does 10-bit (due to ffdshow). So it says on their page anyway:

    K-Lite is shitty which is why I didn’t mention it, especially since I mentioned CCCP which is a much better alternative

  • swahab

    what the password for mplayer2 file?

    There isn’t one

  • erie88

    what are the NCOP & NCED files?? any different from OP & ED files?

    Two things, first is they don’t have the hardsubbed karaoke of the normal OP/ED files, the other is there is a second mkv edition that uses them instead of the karaoked version

  • erie88

    There is this block screen in the 480p video :

    Same result with 2 player : Klite & KMPlayer.

    That is a problem on your end, and besides the only players we support are the top 3 of the 4 listed in the post

  • erie88

    Tried with VLC, and the 480p 8 bit can only be played till that picture i post, after that the video restarted itself…

    Uninstall K-lite code pack and replace it with CCCP, still the 480p 8 bit video result is the same as the picture above….

    Here i’ll put another image played with CCCP :

    You know what? You should check your file first before saying it’s a problem on my end..So, what’s your support?

    Are you implying that i’m NOT looking at the file? Also the best way to get support is to give a timecode as then I don’t have to guess the scene (Which for this I assume is the Yuuto scene right at the begining.

  • erie88

    So, where is these support you’re talking about?

    There is this thing called sleep

  • DarkSpace

    OK …

    1st of all, erie88, are you sure that your file is not corrupt? If not, you should do a quick CRC check, it’s probably a problem with your file and you should redownload it.
    2nd, are your codecs up to date? If not, the problem may be your decoder. I see blocks in your screenshot as well, which is the main reason why I mention this now. These blocks definitely should not be there.
    3rd, it is widely known that [Chihiro] uses a system called Ordered Chapters. This includes Segment Linking, which basically means that parts of the video are loaded from seperate files. It is also known that VLC does not have proper support for Ordered Chapters, and this includes Segment Linking. Which explains the behaviour you described that VLC shows.
    4th, it would be nice to know which time the video was at, which is not given. You can’t seriously expect everyone to look at every single frame because of something that probably isn’t even there.

    By the way, I just downloaded the 480p version to try and reproduce your error and can’t find it. The files are working. It seems it really is a problem on your end.

    And on a somewhat related note (though it has already been discussed on [Doki]’s site), the audio for the 10bit 720p ED file is only 1:12 minutes long. Replacing it with the audio from the NCED file while keeping the Segment UID worked for me.

    Anyway, many thanks for this release, and I am glad to see 10bit put to use.

    I hope this post does not offend anyone, as that is not my objective. I just hope to have been of help.

  • Thanks for releasing this great series. Also could someone please show me a way to edit the OP and ED back it to the main episode files? I wish to be able to encode the episodes to play on my Blu-Ray player but all I’m left with is just the main episode after I try. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • erie88

    Really sorry with the second & third harsh comment. I and my sister are watching this episode together using my computer. She was the one who did the last second and third commenting without me knowing (I’m leaving my computer to her for some work) around “You know what? …..”. By the time i’m checking, it’s already like this..She didn’t even changed the name and mail..

  • erie88

    and the worst things, she just added his comment below my unfinished comment that i left to her..

    This word :
    “You know what? You should check your file first before saying it’s a problem on my end..So, what’s your support?” and “So, where is these support you’re talking about?” are my sister added comments.

  • Fanofde4ever

    2 things. Why do people assume we don’t watch the stuff we release, and why do they ask questions at 3am and expect an immediate response?

  • erie88

    @Fanofde4ever : well, sometimes people do forget about different time zone and assumed that we all have same time.

  • DarkSpace

    Sorry, I have to correct what I wrote earlier. The audio issue with the 720p High10 ED file was corrected by the measures described in my post above, the background (the picture before the subtitle overlay) still freezes at the time the original audio ends. I hereby apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused.

    Just realized I never mentioned it here and only in the Doki post, this was an odd avisynth related encoding issue. A v2 should come out soon

  • Is it possible for you to post the scripts for the Karaoke for the OP and ED?

  • DarkSpace

    Thanks for the fast v2 of the ED!

    And, Corey, if you have AviSynth, the script to insert the OP / ED will look something like this:
    EP=AVCSource(“EP.dga”) #The indexed Episode You don’t want to use dgavcindex here, this is not a m2ts. Instead use ffms2 (ffvideosource()) or dss2() also you need to hardsub the subtitles as they won’t be shifted, so this line in particular would be ffvideosource(“EP.mkv”).textsub(“subs.ass”)
    OP=AVCSource(“OP.dga”) #The indexed Opening file
    ED=AVCSource(“ED.dga”) #The indexed Ending file
    part1=Trim(EP,0,12) #Trim out everything except for the pre-OP scenes
    part2=Trim(EP,12,30000) #The main episode, which is shown between the OP and the ED
    part3=Trim(EP,30000,0) #The Preview part that comes after the ED
    Episode=part1+OP+part2+ED+part3 #Now you concatenate the parts in the correct order
    return Episode #return your final video to your player / converter / … This is not needed unless this is being written as a function instead of a avisynth script

    Keep in mind, however, that the Trim values I chose are nothing more than examples, the real values are probably different. You might want to load the video in AegiSub to find the frame numbers you need. I hope this helps you!

    Fixed some problems for you in your script

  • @DarkSpace: Thanks for your help. I don’t have AviSynth but I managed to do something similar with MKVMerge. I now want the soft subbed Karaoke so I can encode the NCOP and NCED with the Karaoke hard subbed. Then I can insert them into the episodes files then play them on my Blu-Ray player without compromised subs.

    The karaoke is already hardsubed on the normal OP/ED and the NC should really be NK honestly.

  • DarkSpace

    hmm… unless they provide you with a script you can use to hardsub the OP/ED at 1080p (or whatever you want at, I just assumed it was this), you have to either run OCR over the video or enjoy yourself while writing all that stuff down yourself and timing it. Either way, the Karaoke effects would be lost.

  • GoldenDarkness

    im using latest klite and it works perfectly on mpc thanks 4 release

  • DarkSpace

    Thanks for the corrections, I noted it down (right now, I’m reading the user manual). And yes, I didn’t include either Resizing or TextSub, sorry about that.

  • Mr.Anderson

    Hi10P is working great. With my hardware there’s no visual difference but the filesize is smaller than the previous version I have (should probably check the details before I praise anything but whatev) and the filesize is quite a bit lower.
    All I need now is a new monitor and video card and I can watch anime in even better glory than now ^^

    *Note: I did had to remove CoreAVC (only used it since it seemed to go well with MPC-HC) and related software. Got the CCCP (which even comes bundled with MPC-HC) and could leave all settings to default.

  • mspl

    In order of usefulness, that would be:

    1) haali + mpc-hc (with internal subtitler) + madVR (as renderer and decoder)

    Under windows, this is the fastest combo, and considering the madVR – best quality renderer as well.

    Apart from that, tryouts (past 1st august) can handle 10bit properly as well, so can LAV filters.

    On a side note, could you please not do the FLAC nonsense ….

    mplayer2 is better then your suggested combination even on Windows. This is even ignoring the abomination of a renderer having a built in decoder. Finally I only use FLAC on the highest resolution version usually, just because people archive that. Only reason it is on both is because of the dual 720p versions.

  • Kei

    Anyone else having problems running mplayer2 on x64 edition of windows 7? From me it just close as soon as player opens.
    Also, have you ever considered releasing 1080p for this?

    You don’t double click to launch it as it is a cli app, either set it as the default player for .mkv or drag and drop the .mkv onto the .exe (or have it in path and launch it via cli). Also no 1080p on this due to the source’s quality.

  • Mr. Awsome

    Ah yea.. kinda nooby but i was wondering how the build works for vlc? I don’t really get how or what I am to do..

    The way you use it is A) Uninstall your current VLC B)Download CCCP C)Use MPC-HC D)??? E)Profit

  • Was the bugs in x264 and 10-bit encoding ever fixed? If not this isn’t going to look as good with chroma adjustments once 10-bit encoding bugs are fixed.

    No they weren’t, but the bug is relatively minor imo. If/When they fix the bug, and if it looks significantly worse I may rencode the 10-bit.

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