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Translators, Translation Checkers, Typesetters, Editors, Karaoke Maker, Quality Checkers, Timers, Encoders.

Note that TLers will get their own show. Of course, other positions will also have the choice to choose on which picked up show they want to work on.

So if you’re interested, please join #Chihiro-recruits

Thanks ^^

Edit: Recruiting never closes. So even if it’s struck out, if you want to join just go to the recruits channel and bug everybody in there till somebody responds. Who knows, maybe you’ve a hidden talent.

30 comments to Recruiting

  • squall0833

    hope there are new comers to join chihiro very soon

    I miss all chihiro’s works 🙁

  • Terajin

    The image alone makes me awfully tempted =P

  • Ganbarou yo, Chihiro-Subs! 😉

  • BushMeister

    Hmmnn… Tempted to apply for two pos. but I’m going on holiday soon D: By the time I get back I doubt that the recruitment would be still on going… D: I’ll check this post out again in a couple of hours if there’s any kind souls that will go for those vacant positions.

    *Original post edited*

  • luigimario

    I’d love to help out, not sure what I’d be qualified for though. I can manage basic conversational Japanese, but I can’t read any. I am fairly skilled with English as it is my first language, so any suggestions as to what I could do to help out would be great.

    I haven’t done any encoding or timing before, but I’m not too bad with computers. Maybe QC?

    If you wouldn’t mind a novice on the team, let me know and I’d be happy to apply.


    We need a timer. I’m working too much, and it’s really hard for me to sit down long enough to churn out an episode. The other timers are either always working on stuff for other groups, or just plain don’t answer when somebody tries to ask them to do something. It’s real easy to learn, and knowing some Japanese will help since you’re lining up the English text with the spoken Japanese. While you’re doing that you can work on your Japanese, and maybe be a TL some time later.

  • Switches

    I’m positively sure it’ll be there for a long time. Come back after your vacation and apply if you’re still interested. ^^

  • Rokudaime

    I think you ought to apply as a QC. Providing your computer is at least fairly decent that is, so that you can QC 1080p encodes without difficulties. I was considering whether or not to apply myself, but I’m going on vacation for a week the coming Tuesday, school starts the 14th, and I’m already in the competition for the position as QC for Taka, so I don’t think applying would be responsible of me at this point…

  • luigimario

    my computer won’t be a problem. Just got a new i7 with 8gb ram, 1gb video card, and HD output. I can actually stream 1080p files to my PS3 over the wireless network and it rarely stutters. Only problem I might face is bandwidth, since I’m in Canada and Rogers cable is really stingy with bandwidth. Although, the speeds at school are incredible, so I could always do it there.

    Also, I’m starting school in September, and I’m not sure how much time QC’ing would take up in a given week/month. I guess it would depend on how many projects are being worked on at the same time? Otherwise I’d assume 1 episode per week per show?

    In the end, I think it would be better for someone with experience to take the position, but I really don’t want to see Chihiro go under, I’ve been enjoying the subs for years. So if it comes to that, I’d probably help out.

    *Replied to your first comment*

  • grew

    i will cry if no one joins.
    and what took so long to make another recruiting post?

  • milkduds

    I’d like to help out. The problem is, I don’t know Japanese……So I don’t know if I qualify for anything…. manybe a QCer….just bought a new tv and computer so yea…..

    The only 2 positions that require you to know any Japanese are TL and TLC. Knowing Japanese would help a little with timing, but I’ve been timing for nearly 2 years now only knowing a few words of Japanese, so it’s not required.

  • redemption024

    i’m wondering, usually how much bandwith do you use for subbing purposes?
    (since my current isp monitors bandwith like crazy, i’d like to have a rough idea on how much will be needed. but, no, they don’t mind torrent. lol)

  • luigimario

    I was wondering the same thing too. But logically, say Chihiro is doing 2 shows at one time (for example). That would be 2 files a week at say 500mb each, or maybe up to 1gb per if they are 1080p rips. So think like maybe 4-8gb per month.

    I feel your pain of an isp with bandwidth limits. I’m capped to 60gb a month of traffic, so I usually wait to go to school for bigger stuff. Plus the connection at school is mad fast!

  • zlalaman2

    I’d love to help out, but I know very little Japanese. Perhaps I could be a timer or a qc?

    It’s better to try than living without knowing.

  • dreamer2908

    I’m currently a timer for another group. Should I apply?
    I can time pretty fast (~45min for a standard ep) and I still have some free time.

    Might as well. I think more of our members are in multiple groups than aren’t. 45 minutes is pretty fast though. Keep in mind scene bleeds will get you yelled at.

  • Privatetuker

    Is any experience required to apply for these positions? Because I want to apply to be a timer, but I don’t have any timing experience. I would be will to learn though. 😀

    You don’t need any experience per se, but it would be better if you at least knew what you were doing. There should be a guide on Doki’s site about timing. I think some of our settings are different, but it’ll give you a general idea. I’d suggest practicing on a couple episodes to get acquainted with aegisub, then hop in the recruits IRC channel and asking for a test.

  • ChoTai

    I can be a Timer or karaoke timer if you’re in need of that position. I’ve timed for INP fansubs before and done karaoke timing on various personal projects. I have 4 years of High School Japanese (I know it’s shit) so I could do some translation checking but I don’t think I have the vocab to translate an episode from scratch.

    Well, karaoke timer are rare, so if you wanna apply, you’re welcome. If you wanna take a tlc test, it’s possible also. But I would recommend you to take test in something you’re confident with. ^^

  • Serpettra

    What position would you recommend for someone who’s passed the JLPT N3? My grammar, vocabulary, reading, etc. is good enough to pass at least that level but since I’ve been teaching myself, I won’t be ready to take JLPT N2 this year. I have some familiarity with special topics and different dialects from watching a wide variety of anime and I know SOME words/kanji above my level but I’d still say I’m rooted squarely in the N3 range.

  • luigimario

    Hi Serpettra,

    I’ve been thinking about taking my JLPT for a few months now. I was just wondering if you took the N5, or if you took the N4 before there were 5 levels.

    I can manage basic conversational Japanese from doing the Pimsleur language course (plus vocab from anime), but I can’t read any. I was just wondering if you think it’s possible for me to get ready for taking the N5 in the upcoming December exam. I’m not sure how hard it should be, or what to expect, but I am a diligent student, so I think I might be able to get ready by then.

    Thanks for any input you have

  • Serpettra


    I took the old level 4 back when there were just 4 levels, then the N4 (which was the old level 3) the year they changed it. Last year, I took the N3.

    From what I remember, if you have a decent enough vocabulary and grasp of grammar to watch simple stuff without subs and understand most of what’s going on, you’ll be fine with the reading and grammar portions. I took the old level 4 once before I passed, but I focused too much on kanji and not enough on grammar and failed the grammar portion. Having a good grasp on when to use basic particles will help.

    As far as reading, knowing hiragana and katakana is a must. The test is entirely in Japanese but aside from the a few parts, it all has furigana. Knowing around 100 kanji will also be helpful.

    I used Let’s Learn Hiragana, Let’s Learn Katakana, and Let’s Learn Kanji to get me started with reading. Let’s Learn Kanji is helpful because it teaches you to break down kanji into their smaller components and even teaches you some of the basic ones. I also got workbooks off jlist that teach kanji based on grade level. I got all 6 elementary school level books and I’m currently working my way through 4th grade (I know how to read and write roughly 600 kanji.)

    If you’re starting from scratch with reading and writing, you’d need to work hard before december to memorize the kana and 100 or so kanji but it is doable. Work at it every day and find ways to study and memorize them that work for you. Also, remember the three ‘R’s, repetition, redundancy, repetition. It may seem boring and painful at times, but it will drill it into your head until it becomes as natural as the alphabet. Best of luck!

  • Lenmaer Lenmaer


    I can give you a TL test. There’s an opportunity here for you to get your own show next season if you want.

  • luigimario


    Thanks for the advice. It’ll be tough with school and work, but I think I can manage it. Also, are you only allowed to take one test per year, or can you (for example) write N4 in the July slot, then the N3 in December? I got the impression from the site that they only allow you to write one per year.

    Thanks again

  • Serpettra

    @ Lenmaer

    How would I go about taking a TL test?

    Hop in the IRC recruits channel, and ask for one. Somebody will give you an episode to TL, then one of the current TLs/TLCs will check it.

    @ luigimario

    It’s my understanding that you can only take one test on any given date but you can take more than one per year. I think the limit is based on the fact that as of last year, they have only offered the December test in the U.S. I don’t know if they’ve started offering the July test this year.

  • luigimario

    @ Serpettra

    ok thanks. I think I saw something about them cancelling the July test. I’m actually in Canada, so hopefully they are running both test dates. It seems a huge pain to have to wait 5 years to get it all done otherwise. Thanks again the advice.

  • Lenmaer Lenmaer


    If you don’t have an irc software try that:
    or use the link on right of the site.

  • sakurazakii

    great to see that you guys arent dead

    go go go chihiro

  • rav4gema

    hope you guys can fill those position soon before the next season of shows starts. i would like to offer my help, it just that i don’t even know where to start. i really cant do much.

  • Payne-sempai

    Wait a second… sadmikuruchibi.jpg? Chihiro actually used something I had on Photobucket? Yay, Chihiro likes me too!

    …that probably made me happier than it should have.

    Of course we like you. And honestly I don’t really remember how google found this image, all I remember is that it actually wasn’t what I asked him to search for.

  • knight

    chihiro last time is best but become like disband people due to real life.

    very slow release and m.i.a most of the time

    i miss chihiro golden era T_T

    thank you

  • Can you fan sub mawaru penguindrum?

    It was already done by Coalgirls.

  • Maryse

    Hi~ I tried going on the IRC channel (#Chihiro-recruits) to apply to join the team but no one was there when I went in and I’m not really sure when you guys are there so I decided to post here I hope that’s alright. ^_^

    I would like to apply for Karaoke Maker or Typesetter, I have experience in both. I use to be part of a fan-subbing group for a Jpop boyband and I did a lot of the work in the group. I’m not in the group anymore so I have a lot of free time to help out if I do get accepted. 🙂

    Are you sure you were in the right channel? I’ve been idling in the recruits channel the last 3 or 4 days, and don’t see where you joined or left (at least not under that name). There’s always at least 5 of us in there. We may not necessarily be watching the channel, but if you introduce yourself, and stay in there a while one of us should answer. Typesetting is the biggest holdup on the particular project I’m working on at the moment, so if you’re experienced we could definitely use you.

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