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Ano Natsu de Matteru – Blu-ray Batch


And here is the long awaited batch ^^

Torrent 1080P | Torrent 720P

Usenet 1080P | Usenet 720P

25 comments to Ano Natsu de Matteru – Blu-ray Batch

  • mascthemoney

    Ano Natsu de Matteru – Apricot-Ray Batch*

    Fixed it for you.

  • anon

    Been waiting for this!
    Thank you very much~ keep up the good work!

  • Daniel

    Anything you changed?

  • Noven18

    @Daniel – some minor errors fixed and some stylings changed.

  • deoxys_101993

    Thanks! I’ve been waiting for this one.

  • Hinalover

    Thank you so much for this release !!!

  • aruF2

    awwwwwwwww yeah! best version available!

  • hanzo

    It’s downloading atm but the tracker says failure your client information isnt listed on our database which is a new one for me, may be worth taking a look at.

    Probably that your bitorrent client isn’t allowed?

  • hanzo

    I use Utorrent and never have problems so if thats the case i’ll just carry on as normal since its still downloading just abit slower than usual, i just thought i’d mention it since i’ve never seen that before.

    The latest utorrent builds became terribad, I would recommend you to try another client.

  • omgwtfanimebbq

    holy shit, you guys released something. Thanks!! This show is worth it, and it was hard to find a name-brand encode for this.

  • Rokudaime

    Why would you advise against using utorrent, that’s the opposite of what people are saying everywhere else. It’s not terribad. Everyone knows utorrent and Azureus are the two best torrent clients. I have the latest version of utorrent, and I have no problems.

  • derpwagon

    Rokuedaime: utorrent has become a bloated ad-pushing piece of crapware. The last good clean version was 2.2.1 or so (google it). Azureus is garbage too, even in classic mode. I want a torrent client not some bloated mess that tries to do everything and sucks at it.

    Good clients:
    Windows: qBitorrent, Deluge, tixati (tixati is NOT open source)
    OSX: apparently Transmission is still good
    Linux: rtorrent, Deluge

  • Rokudaime

    So basically you hate utorrent because it has too many extra functions that you don’t need/don’t use, and because they don’t work like they should/like you want them too (I’m assuming you’re not talking about filesize when you say “bloated”, because that would just be stupid)? That’s an odd thing to get hung up on when the basic functions still work perfectly just like before. Nobody is forcing you to use the other stuff (I don’t use it either). I click on torrent links, and utorrent opens them and asks me which of the files I want to download. I click “ok” (or deselect files I don’t want), and start downloading, and the download shows in a nice window with a good overview, with different tabs I can click if I want to view different info about the torrent I’m using. I can “pause”, “stop” etc the download just by right clicking and selecting those functions. When it’s done downloading I just stop it, and remove it from the tasklist. That’s all I need, and it’s all easy to use, and it all works with no problems.

  • Nero

    Tnx for the release, was waiting patiently for it 🙂

    Any news if Haganai BD’s might get back in the spotlight?

    They’re being worked on right now.

  • Ninja


    My life is complete. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you very much!!!!!!!! ^^

  • rebot4

    OMG Thank you for this! Been eagerly anticipating the rest of this series from you guys. Thanks again!

  • asd

    Why not aac for 720p?

    because we never do aac for 720P/1080P BD rips.

  • asd

    That was quick, but why? 720p is mainly for saving space and the source audio is good. The only reasoning i can see is that it lets us encode it to whatever we want without doing lossy>lossy. But the file size goes up a lot making the download take longer.

    720P is because most animes aren’t 1080P native, so people who don’t wanna waste space and bandwidth can experience it with the same audio quality as 1080P.

  • SquiddyBiscuit

    will [Chihiro]Sakura get these episodes? 🙁

  • Isn’t there a kind soul to seed this torrent, please? Im stuck at 80%, so if someone could seed it for only 2-3 hours it would be really helpful. 🙂

    Thanks for at least reading this!

  • amir0x

    not on the bot

  • Dunpeal

    Any chance of you guys doing the OVA?


  • aru22

    Is this 10-bit?


    Yes, it is 10-bit.

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